Who we are

One of Europe’s first brands to create handmade eyelashes.

We create lashes with a subtle 3D effect, these lashes add volume and length in the most natural way possible. A carefully-curated lash-band follows the delicate curve of your eye, making these lashes easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and fixed in place for all-day effect.

We made these feathery, fluttering lashes in all sorts of different shapes, styles and designs, from natural-looking daytime lashes to dramatic evening wear - but most importantly, we made them comfortable and easy to apply.

Functional, feathery and flawless lashes

Our mission is somewhat simple. We set out to create false eye lashes that are at once functional, feathery and flawless; the kind that are comfortable to wear but also fast and easy to apply - both for first-timers and make-up professionals alike. 

And because we believe in quality at every stage of our lash creation, we’ve made sure every set (including yours) gives that breathtaking, heart-flutter moment. From the first glimpse of your specially-designed lashes as you un-box them from their special case, to the moment you comfortably and flawlessly beatify your eyes to create the perfect gaze, we care about every step on our lash’s journey. 



Dark Swan of Denmark was one of Europe’s first brands to create handmade eyelashes.